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About Us

Uniformz, established in 2009 in Bridgeport, moved its production operations in 2012 to a separate location a block down the street. Embroidery was fast becoming their most popular apparel decoration method and it eventually became clear that it needed to become a separate entity with its own name.


In 2015 the Park City Stitch name was born and its branding was created. No longer just one of Uniformz' services; embroidery is now in the spotlight. We've invested in a brand new Barudan 6-head machine, in addition to the 4-head and single head we already had.


We strive to always build on the strong relationships we've established with many local companies and organizations over the years: a local hospital and its nursing college, 5 charter schools, many medical and dental practices, a few mid-size companies, Town Hall, a little league and countless small businesses.


Our team is Peter - owner and Terrance - lead operator. We take pride in what we do and are often more particular about the end product than our customers. We have fun, because what we produce often puts a smile on our clients' faces!


Peter's daughter is afflicted with Rett Syndrome, a severe type of autism. A penny of every dollar we receive is donated to the Rett Syndrome Research Trust. Learn more by clicking on the penny.

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